• Tax Planning

    We take a forward-looking view of how to minimize the amount of taxes you might have to pay. We want you to consider the tax implications of either individual or business decisions that you’ll make throughout the year, with the goal of maximizing your tax savings.

    • Bookkeeping

    We’ll capture the day-to-day activities that form the life-pulse to your business.

    Dependent on the transactions each month this could be as few as a couple hours of bookkeeping each quarter. This area is important as it becomes the basis for making financial decisions as you grow.

    • Accounting

    We’ll create a full diagnostic view of your company’s health.  This allows you, your banker and other interested parties to analyze the true health of your business.  It provides the financial indicators necessary for you to tweak, profit and grow your business.  Why make costly mistakes when you have the financial information necessary to make the right choices at the right time.

    • Legal Structuring

    Incorporating your business allows a greater amount of strategies to further reduce your taxes. Your business may also necessitate the creation of a Holding company to protect profits gained by company’s operations. How you incorporate and structure your company determines which tax practices you can engage which, if not done correctly, could cost you money.

    • Estate Planning

    We’ll create an administrative plan which accurately and specifically accounts for the distribution of one’s wealth and assets before or after death through legal documents like trusts, gifts, wills and power-of-attorney. Advance planning ensures that your intent and direction are distinctly clear, and serves to prevent bitter disagreements if not highlighted in advance.